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a lone pierrot performing before the mirror

we don't understand each other, but I'm here

Raison d'Entre
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So...uh...this is Kaosuke's community. Where thblackflame(Kaoru) and I guiltyforsin (Die/Daisuke) have decided to merge our love (thus the pairing of Kaosuke) for the jrockers who have influenced us for the past seven years. Our version of a Jrock Spank Bank.

See, things weren't as easy back in the day as they are now, so we thought we'd make it just that much easier on you (and us) to get your hands on the goods. So we will try to provide links and such to all the jrock goodness that we may find. Feel free to pitch in, but keep in mind that this community is really just so that we can keep track of what we love.

Kon Kon!

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