Eln Martyr (thblackflame) wrote in raison_dentre,
Eln Martyr

This is What Happens When You Make Me Go Shopping....

Okay, so, as the subject says, this is what happens when you make me go shopping.  I always come back with more than I need.  Also, because I'm whoring myself out, I picked up a few things that we actually needed.  Crys is doing a layout for us, and There is a lovely girl who may be doing a Kaosuke icon for us....maybe.  She's still learning, so I don't know how that will come out.  So for the layout pic....

It's an oldie, so who knows.

And I fucking heart this one! I like the way it draws the eyes from Kyo, to Kaoru, to Totchi, to Shinya, to Die.  The way it just kinda melts into them.

I don't care who's touching who!


I know it's Totchi.  Shush!  Let us just enjoy.



Thus, the reason I went shopping.

And more hotness, 'cause sharing it caring! 

You ever think to yourself, "I don't care who's in the picture as long it's Diru Boys Touching?"  I did tonight.  *sighs happily*
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